Vocational Services

Summit Vocational Services

Summit is a vocational division of Village Northwest Unlimited, providing a supportive environment in which to teach vocational skills. They offer a variety of contract work and functional training opportunities to assist the individual in achieving maximum employment. A variety of hand assembly work, packaging, beverage container sorting, and pallet construction are offered within the facility. Community employment options include custodial work, food service, grocery, and factory and service industry opportunities.

Community Employment services

Community Employment services are available through VNU in the Sheldon area.

Community Work Site Assessment 

Community Work Site Assessment assists the individual in determining vocational options, direction, goals and training strategies.

Job Development 

Job Development assists the individual in securing a job in the community that is consistent with his/her interests, preferences, and aptitudes.

Job Coaching

Job Coaching assists an individual in learning the job-specific skills, work habits and behaviors necessary for their job in the community.

Job Follow-Up

Job Follow-Up monitors the individual's performance on the job when job coaching has been completed.

ACT Center

ACT Center provides distinctive work services for the individual who has sustained a brain injury or has a developmental disability. These services are provided to help the individual maximize his/her potential for employment. Based on the individual's interests, skills, and work behaviors, he or she will have an opportunity to explore various types of work. As skills are acquired and refined, the individual advances within a continuum of work services directed towards community employment.

Habilitation and HCBS/Pre-Vocational Services

Habilitation and HCBS/Pre-Vocational Services are aimed at preparing an individual for paid employment. This service teaches the individual basic work concepts and job readiness skills such as following directions, attending to tasks, task completion, problem solving, and safety and mobility training.


The Village has partnered with Soles4Souls to provide work opportunities for adults with disabilities and to help people all over the world in need of shoes and opportunities.