Wellness Benefits

You (our employee) are our most important asset. Participating in a healthy lifestyle pays off for you personally as well as for VNU.

Healthy employees result in less absenteeism. Healthy employees have more energy and can focus on their work better.

Self-confidence can be achieved through fitness workouts. A confident employee will challenge themselves and strive for higher levels of success.

Fit employees have a more upbeat attitude and are less stressed.

Employees who work out regularly are actually better decision-makers. Exercise sharpens the mind!

In addition you are an example to our consumers. They benefit from our increased focus on wellness and are more likely to want to participate in wellness activities.

It is a priority of Village Northwest Unlimited to promote WELLNESS within the organization.

Take a moment to look over what we offer and contact a member of the Wellness Committee with any new ideas you may have.

Personal time and Sick Day benefit

We provide a generous personal and sick time benefit so that you can meet family needs, go to doctor’s appointments, dental appointments, optometrist appointments, etc.

Wellness Screening

We offer Wellness Screenings once yearly to employees and their spouses. For staff this is a free benefit and spouses can participate for a small fee. Staff that participate receive a financial incentive and there is also financial incentive for increasing your health. Screenings offered include cholesterol, triglyceride, and blood sugar testing, blood pressure check, body mass index, and flexibility testing. 

Web MD

This is an online tool for managing your health and answering health questions you may have. The web site is: webmd.com 

Wansink Center

The Wansink Center owns exercise equipment for staff use, including treadmills, weight training equipment and exercise bikes.  


The Wansink Center has an area that works well for walking laps in the winter months and also an outdoor sidewalk circle that is .6 mile if you walk one lap around campus. VNU is connected to the city walking trail. This provides a quiet, peaceful place to walk, run, or bike. 

Corporate Rates at Local Fitness Centers

Two local fitness centers in three Sheldon locations offer Village Northwest Unlimited staff reduced rates for membership and class participation.

Hepatitis B immunization series

Hepatitis B immunization is available to all employees free of charge.

Influenza Vaccine

Flu vaccine is offered annually in the fall to all residents and staff of Village Northwest Unlimited. 

CLIP Committee

Christian Life in Perspective Committee is devoted to enhancing spiritual life and assisting in times of need.

PEP Club

People Exciting People Committee helps promote a fun working environment.

STARS Recognition

Special Thanks and Recognition System Committee celebrates employment anniversaries, outstanding achievements, and hosts events that recognize staff for their contributions in promoting Village mission and values.

Quit Smoking help

Assistance with smoking cessation is available, free of charge, to staff who utilize Village Northwest's health insurance plan. Refer to the insurance plan for specific information.


Ask one of our nurses if you want to have your blood pressure checked, need your throat examined for redness, your temperature taken, etc. If it is within our scope of practice we are willing to assist you with medical questions and concerns.


We have two counselors that are willing to assist you in times of need. Mike Molettiere and Elaine Mastbergen both can be contacted. Mike Molettiere (712-324-5237) Elaine Mastbergen (712-324-4823)


Our consulting dietician is happy to answer your nutrition questions.  

Occupational Therapist

We have a consulting occupational therapist that will evaluate your work station to improve your physical well being.   

Physical Therapist

Our consulting physical therapist is at VNU each Tuesday. The PT and PT support team will assist you with any questions you may have on lifting safely and correctly, strengthening exercises, etc.

Health Insurance

All full-time employees are eligible for our health insurance plan. Each insured individual receives free physical examination and well-care (screening including cholesterol, mammogram, PSA, colonoscopy, etc., based on standard recommendations for age). Refer to the insurance plan for specific information.

Run, Walk, and Roll

Each year community members, staff, and those served at Village Northwest Unlimited participate in a 5 K, 10 K Run, Walk, and Roll Benefit. This event sponsored by VNU provides staff and those served a fun way to participate in a wellness activity.