The Village offers on-campus housing and community living services.

ICF/ID Homes

On-Campus Housing

The Village offers one on-campus housing option.

Intermediate Care Facility for individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/ID)

The Village has seven homes located on its campus that are licensed for ICF/ID level of care. Basic living skills needed to move toward greater levels of independence are taught in a warm, home-like atmosphere. Supervision is provided by well-trained staff. Six to eleven individuals are served in each home, and each individual has a private room.

Community Homes

"It gives them a sense of purpose, a sense of ownership. This is where their room is, this is their home."                        - Nichole Freeman, Community Skills Supervisor

Community Living Services

The Village offers three different community living services.

Supported Community Living

Individuals who have the skills to live in their own apartment or home with limited drop-in support, will benefit from this program. Drop-in support may be provided to assist with financial matters, transportation to medical appointments, menu planning, or to check on the physical and mental well being of the individual.

Habilitation, HCBS/ID and HCBS/BI (Home and Community Based Services)

Through this program, individuals may have the option of living in a 3 or 4-bed home in the community where the training focus is on community integration skills. Individuals are encouraged to be involved in community work and/or day program Monday through Friday. The Village currently provides services to people living in 17 homes in the Sheldon community.

East Oak Apartments and Tri-Plex

Both apartment complexes are located in the Sheldon community. East Oak Apartments has seven apartments. The Tri-Plex consists of three two-bedroom apartments. The apartments are a semi-supervised setting. The purpose of the apartment program is to provide the support that individuals need to make the transition from congregate living to community living. HUD rental assistance is available in both complexes.

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