40th Anniversary

Congratulations goes out to Sharon Koerselman for celebrating her 40th Anniversary at VNU in January. Sharon currently works in the Summit building as Community Program Supervisor. An anniversary party was held at the Summit building on January 31st. VNU can not say thank you enough for all of the incredible work that Sharon has done over the years. Sharon has been a cherished member of the VNU family since she began working at VNU in high school.

Mag Vander Wilt said, “Working with Sharon is like having a VNU history book at your side! She has been at VNU since she was in high school. She has seen A LOT of change since the Northwest Iowa Work Activity Center joined with VNU. Sharon’s 40 years of loyal dedication to VNU is a testament of her love and support of the people we work with each day. She is a wonderful coworker and makes every day a GREAT one!”