Panthers play Sheldon Christian

On March 16th, the Wansink Center Gym on the campus of Village Northwest Unlimited was packed with residents, employees, and community supporters as the Village Panthers basketball team battled a team from the Sheldon Christian P.E. class. The Village Panthers is the basketball team which participates in many Special Olympics games and tournaments. The Panthers team consists of Dan De Boer, Allie Ernst, Travis Klein, Matt Kramer, John List, Matt Petersen, Diana Perry, Shawn Todd, Scott Wheeler, and Charles White. VNU Panther sport teams are coached by Deb Middle and Sara Wolthuizen. Nate Schreur, Physical Education teacher and staff member at VNU, coached students from the Sheldon Christian School.  The game was officiated by Barry Whitsell and Maggie Gisch.

A 12:30 pm tip off marked the game beginning. Sheldon Christian and the Panthers played a competitive, fun basketball game. Both teams had great shots and incorporated plays with all players. Scott Wheeler, point guard, for the Panthers dished out various assists to Allie Ernst, Dan De Boer, and John List. In addition, Travis Klein, Matt Petersen, Diana Perry, and Charles White all had multiple rebounds for the Panthers. Each Panther player was able to shoot the ball during the game.

The Sheldon Christian School did not roll over and let the Panthers win. The students had various participants score. While playing together, the students completed assists and gathered offensive and defensive rebounds.  The students played very well with the Panthers. Even though they were on opposite team, the Panthers and Sheldon Christian continued to cheer each other on. Many high fives were exchanged between the players, along with congratulating the shots that were made.

The competitive game, ended with the VNU Panthers coming out on top, winning by two points with a late game shot by Scott Wheeler. Once the buzzer went off, the two teams came together to shake hands and say good game. After shaking hands concluded, the players took a photo together to commemorate the event. On behalf of Village Northwest Unlimited, we want to thank all players, employees, and supporters that came out to support the Village Panthers. Lastly, a huge thank you to the Sheldon Christian School for taking the time to come over and play our Panther basketball team.