Community Program Instructor

QUALIFICATIONS:  Previous experience working with adults with disabilities is preferred.  Excellent verbal and written communication skills are essential.  Maturity and the ability to portray a positive adult image will be considered key qualities for employment.

PURPOSE:  As determined by the program managers and supervisor, assume responsibilities for program/ treatment planning for specific individuals served, and provide an atmosphere that promotes purpose, privacy, and dignity.


1.   Develop and maintain positive personal relationship with consumers and staff.

2.   Record performance and production of each consumer’s work period. 

3.   Carry out and document all programs.

4.   Assist and support consumers in their vocational activities when necessary.

5.   Provide a positive role model in all areas.

6.   Assist in ensuring effective and efficient operation of the vocational program by performing tasks as assigned by the Production Manager.

7.  Support Mission and Values of Village Northwest Unlimited.

8.  Maintain regular attendance


Lifting:        10-50 pounds, single transferring, and two-man transferring with an average of 75 pounds.  Ability to utilize a mechanical lift for transferring.

Standing:    Due to the range of activities that are required, the ability to stand on cement floors for several hours at a time.

Other Requirements:    Bending, twisting, pulling, pushing carts and wheelchairs, walking individuals served with a gait belt, could be exposed to chemicals (limited).

Visual/Auditory requirements:  Ability to adequately interact with staff and individuals served

How to apply

A completed application is required for all open positions before an individual is considered an applicant. Résumés do not substitute for a completed application.

Employment applications should be completed online. You can submit a letter of application, a résumé or curriculum vitae (CV) and any additional required files by email to or by postal mail to:

Village Northwest Unlimited
Attention: Human Resources
330 Village Circle
Sheldon, IA 51201

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