House Supervisor/Residential Leader/QIDP

QUALIFICATIONS:  Bachelor of Social Work Degree from an accredited college or related degree/experience preferred.  Must possess knowledge or experience relating to treatment of individuals with disabilities, leadership and supervision experience, and a willingness to be flexible in accepting and delegating responsibilities.  Excellent verbal and written communication skills are essential.  Must have or obtain CDL or chauffeur’s license and Med Aide certification.

PURPOSE:  Responsible for coordination and supervision of the consumers’ home life, in order to maximize individual growth.  Responsible for the maintenance of the home.  Provide supervision and leadership for residential staff.


  1. Develop and maintain positive professional relationships with each consumer to ensure their needs, concerns, and views are being understood and action steps developed to meet those needs. Also establish relationships with parents and/or guardians of each consumer.
  2. Responsible for coordination and communication with support services and administrative personnel regarding all aspects of home life.
  3. Ensure the home environment is socially and spiritually nurturing, educational, physically safe, and positively reinforces development.
  4. Provide leadership in decisions that affect programming and maintenance of grounds, through effective standards of supervision, support of staff, and development of a cohesive team.
  5. Support Mission and Values of Village Northwest Unlimited.
  6. Assist in ensuring effective and efficient operation of the residential program by performing tasks as assigned by the Corporate Operations Officer.


Lifting:  A two person lift is required on an average of 15-25 times per shift.  The average weight per lift is 110 pounds.

Standing:  Due to the range of activities that are required, the ability to stand for an 8-hour shift is necessary

Other requirements as needed:  Pulling, Twisting, Cleaning (reaching, bending, vacuuming, etc.), Fine Motor Skills, Kneeling, Bending, Limited Repetitive Motion, Pushing a wheelchair

Visual/Auditory requirements: Ability to adequately interact with staff and individuals served.

**   Lifting in the 12-8 shift is dramatically decreased.  An average of 4 two-person lifts are required, with an average weight of 110 pounds.

How to apply

A completed application is required for all open positions before an individual is considered an applicant. Résumés do not substitute for a completed application.

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