Village Northwest Unlimited has been working on creating an event just for residents. We have officially announced the creation of, “Shining on Our Purpose.” This is exclusive event for individuals who receive services from VNU. The special evening starts with an afternoon spent with volunteers and staff who assist residents in getting ready. After everyone is ready, residents will be transported out to the Crossroads Event Center in Sheldon for a dinner and dance to follow.

VNU is asking for residents loved ones and surrounding community members to volunteer their time for this event. Hair, make up, and nail stations will be based out of the Center and Summit building. These stations are going to be a mix of staff and residents to ensure everyone has the ability to get ready! If people who want to volunteer are not able to do the stations, we have other volunteer opportunities that include serving food and clearing tables. We will also need assistance during the dance to make sure all our residents are included.

This event is an evening dedicated towards the individuals who we serve. We want volunteers involved to see the mission of the Village take place. We believe we serve amazing individuals and we want everyone around to see that. Join the VNU community by volunteering for a night our residents won’t forget!