Community Living Resource Consultant


A professional understanding of all aspects of the life of persons served, and sound decision-making abilities are essential qualities for the position.  Must have or obtain CDL or chauffeur’s license and Med Aide/Med Manager certification.  Must have problem solving ability.  Excellent verbal and written communication skills are essential.  Must have the ability to certify for CPR.


Responsible for working closely with the person served to promote their ability to make choices in goals for their life which further their personal growth and independence. 


1.   Facilitate each tenant's efforts to achieve community interdependence.

2.   Exhibit the maturity, strength, and stability necessary to maintain an atmosphere which promotes purpose, privacy, and dignity for each person served, while promoting self-direction and choice.

4.   Perform the responsibilities of direct care staff, working primarily evening hours when persons served/tenants are available.

5.   Demonstrate a commitment to on-going personal and professional development.

6.   Demonstrate a consistently positive, professional attitude with persons served/tenants, interdisciplinary team, and families through the performance of management responsibilities.

7.   Support the Mission and Values of Village Northwest Unlimited.

8.  Maintain regular attendance.


Lifting:         The ability to carry 10-50 pounds, may also include bending, twisting, pushing, pulling, etc.

Standing:     Provide support with shopping, including grocery stores, doctor visits, or other appointments that are necessary in the person served/tenant's activities of daily living.

Other Requirements:     Could be exposed to household chemicals

Visual/Auditory requirements:          Ability to adequately interact with staff, persons served, family, and other professionals

How to apply

A completed application is required for all open positions before an individual is considered an applicant. Résumés do not substitute for a completed application.

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