Therapeutic Services

Physical Therapy
Focuses on teaching mobility, ambulation, posture, balance, endurance,  strength, and coordination.

Occupational Therapy
Assists the individual in regaining the use of upper extremities, eye-hand coordination, self-care skills (eating, bathing, dressing, and meal preparation) and other skills needed to carry out  daily living and work tasks. The occupational therapy department also designs sensory programs to meet individual needs.

Music Therapy
Enables individuals to reach cognitive, emotional, physical and communication goals through music therapy interventions which facilitate developmental skills. Staffed by certified Neurologic Music Therapist, upholding interventions based on music perception and the influence of music on functional changes in non-musical brain and behavior functions. . Located in a Snoezelen equipped room, various  lighting effects, textures, sounds, and smells create a multi-sensory environment.

Speech Therapy
Strengthens conversational and communication skills, and assists in exploring and training for alternative types of communication.

Exercise and Sports Development Program
Specific exercise/wellness programs assist individuals in developing socially and physically. Through the Special Olympic program athletes participate in both district and state competition in a variety of team and individual sports.

Counseling/Psychological Services
Counseling services  are provided by both the Psychologist and Spiritual  Services Coordinator, with individual or group options available. Psychological evaluations are performed by our staff psychologist.

Nursing Services
Promotes wellness, provides health education, and assure the deliverance of quality medical care of the individual. This goal is met by working together with the individual, staff, family, and the medical community.

Life Skills
Helps to increase independence, quality of life, dignity, and self-esteem by  providing stimulating educational experiences and activities.

Cyber Skills
Cyber skills is an area that promotes the use of computer for leisure purposes, assisting individuals with e-mail, surfing the internet, playing games and much more.


Encourages individuals to express themselves creatively, through art.

Dietary Services
Provides nutritious meals to individuals. The  dietitian  provides menus, consultation for special diets, and works with staff and individuals served to meet the dietary needs of  all.

Recreational Services
Encourages individuals to develop their own wellness and  leisure skills by planning and implementing activities that are designed to enhance their physical, emotional,  spiritual, and intellectual growth.