Autism Community Transition Residential Skills Supervisor

QUALIFICATIONS:  Must possess previous leadership, supervision and managerial experience.  Experience relating to the treatment of individuals with disabilities, including autism.  Demonstrated ability to promote unity between team members.  Excellent written and verbal communication skills are essential.  Must be able to obtain a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) certification, but board certification as an Associate Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) is preferred.  Position also requires C.P.R. certification and Med Manager status.  Experience as a Community Skills Manager or equivalent is preferred.

PURPOSE:  Responsible for supporting individuals living in the residential setting with their personal growth goals, helping them to reach the highest level of success.  Responsible for the supervision and management of the staff and the individuals served to insure efficient operation and maintenance of the home or apartment. 


The mission of autism education is to provide comprehensive, integrated, individualized, and data-based services to adults with autism resulting in independent employment, social inclusion, and community competence.  As such, graduates will exit the program:

1. Not just employable but competitively employed full time.

2. Not just with social skills but with a social support network centered on where they live,  

    work, and recreate.

3. Not just with the ability to follow directions but with the ability to initiate actions on their own

4. Not just under our stimulus control but under the stimulus control of the environment and their

    ability to manage their own behavior.  


Lifting: Very minimal lifting, not daily.

Standing: Due to the requirements, the ability to stand for an 8 hour shift is necessary.

Other Requirements: Pushing, Pulling, Twisting, Cleaning (reaching, bending, vacuuming, etc.), Fine Motor Skills, Kneeling, Limited Repetitive Motion.

Visual/Auditory requirements: Ability to adequately interact with staff and persons served.

Use of Office Equipment: Working knowledge of office equipment like computer, fax and printers.  Proficiency in Microsoft Office, in particular e-mail, Word, and Excel.

How to apply

A completed application is required for all open positions before an individual is considered an applicant. Résumés do not substitute for a completed application.

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